Sunday, September 5, 2010

Veiw from the beach house

Relaxing after an eventful day on the beach

Gia stole my seat !

But she looks so cute doing it

Driving through clouds

We were so high up on my baker that we drove through clouds. Finally making our way down and our truck is happier.

Having truck problems in the mountains.

She's havin a hard time climbing the steep mountain roads. Were putting some coolant and oil in hee right now, praying shell make it were so close.

Huge canyon somewhere


Checkin the oil

Stopped for gas right by the Gorge amphitheatre and got ripped off on gas, so expensive !

Checkin the oil

Stopped for gas right by the Gorge amphitheatre and got ripped off on gas, so expensive !

Never thought id move back

Life is funny you never know where it will take you but you just have to enjoy the ride.

Glamorous rest stop bathrooms


Washington rest stop

Joe just saw a random corn stalk  in the middle of the freeway, that's right Free ! Meaning you don't have to pay to drive on, and that's the way it should be :)

Just passed Moses Lake

Almost there I can smell the coffee brewin

Way to spice up an enter sign

In the boonies

Eastern Washington

Not many people know that eastern Washington is the desert . Well it is. Very different from the twilightesque image of western Washington.

255 that's nuthin

We made it !

Angel waking up at hotel in spokane

She's so purdy

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yeahhh JB is back !

Yo Marie ! Long time no see !

After a hard day of driving a swimming pool of beer is all you need

In Washington !

Hoping to find an open hotel on this holiday weekend

Pretty but not easy driving

Roads are curvy in the rocky mountains

Trying out for the team

Gia showing off her best linebacker face for the university of Montana football team

And then the fun was over

We couldn't stay long because we still have a 3 hour drive to Coeur d lane ahead of us.

And then they ran as fast as they could through Missoula Universitys football feild

Takin a dip

Gia was a big fan of Missoula

Running around with some friends she met

Gia swimming ay Jacobs Island in Missoula MT

After making our way through all the drunk tailgaters we found the doggy beach.

Just drove through a nasty storm

Extreme wind and the biggest lightening bolts we've ever seen.

Goad getting really sick of driving

She's such a good girl, so patient

Huge statue of Mary on top of a mountain

It was super far away so my little cell phone cam couldn't handle it but still, I wonder how they got that thing up there, pretty crazy


She is a mountain dog afterall

Gia is amazed. Look at those mountains

We headed off to see some hot springs but as the road got narrower we were afraid we would get stuck with the trailer so instead we hopped out and took some pics in the mountains.

I think we went the wrong way

I know I know more scenery pics

Just to pretty to resist

Were right next to yellowstone national park

Wish we could go see it but we don't have time :(

Yes we are

New shot glass, bite me !

Grrrr a bear

There's the crazy mountains

The crow Indians hid up here and their enemies wouldn't go into the mountains because of their name. Chickens

Pioneers traveling the wild west

Someday they'll call it the historic Gia Brittany and Joe trail

Were on the historic Louis and Clark trail

They camped for 7 days here . And we thought we had it rough. How did they ever survive without Starbucks. Blows my mind

Crazy mountains

Named by the crow Indians after a woman who went insane in these mountains.