Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our world is full of miracles

It's so amazing being able to stop for a second and look around and realize how big the world is and how many beautiful things there are on our planet, nature really is miraculous.

Time to get wined and dined

For dinner tonight Joe decided to step it up and go all out with a fiest of golden graham treats ,popcorn, and chips. Tim

The man behind it all

Poor Joe is driving the whole way. I offered to help drive but he's a stubborn one. He's filling up on some double D though and should be fine :)

Fiesty feist

The kities hanging in the back all very pissed off and plotting there revenge as we speak.

Dog park in albany

Gia stoped for some leg stretching at a dp in ny and met a golden lab friend.

Mass in the past

Just left mass :( on our way to Geneva Ohio

Gia girl

Gias super comfy in the back I think i might have to join her for a nap later.

Bye bye beantown

Last look at the city

Ready to roll

After rushing to the vet this morning due to a benedril problem with angel, were finaly all calmed down and ready to go. We deffinitly got our moneys worth with the uhaul not an inch to spare !

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Skittles can't wait !

She's been sitting in her carrier for two days! Guess she's ready to hit the road.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting ready for the Mayhem !

Angel is all packed and ready to go ! A trip like this takes rediculous planning budgeting and problem solving but I love the challenge ! Hey Ive done it before and I can do it again. This blog is for friends and family to follow along on our journey from Boston to Seattle, about 3,200 miles ! Sad to say good bye but excited for the adventure ! Will be updateing with photos of random sights, poeple, places, homeade ford expedition music videos etc. :)

Our Trip Map

Some pre trip band practice

Everyone was actively involved in the packing process, katie was the box squasher.

Skittles kept the furniture nice and warm

Gia was the foreman

Joe just stood there looking good

And thats me totally freaking out ! ahh ! to much to do ! not enough time !
will our car explode !? will we get killed by the texas chainsaw masacre guy !? will we lose a cat ?! which one of those would be worse ?!